Learning Objectives

  • Be acquainted with the fundamentals of corrosion with focus on MIC
  • Understand various corrosion mechanisms with special emphasis on MIC.
  • Understand and apply the multiple lines of evidence (MLOE) approach for diagnosing MIC.
  • Be able to apply the latest Industry Guidelines and Standards on Corrosion Management and MIC of Engineered Systems.
  • Be able to apply Corrosion Management principles to assessing, mitigating and monitoring the corrosion threat of MIC.
  • Understand, and correctly apply and interpret, state-of-the-art MIC diagnostic methods.
  • Understand sampling strategies and procedures for various sample types obtained in Engineered Systems.
  • Be familiar with the chemical, metallurgical and microbiological test methods used for corrosion investigation and MIC laboratory experiments.
  • Be familiar with corrosion and MIC mitigation methods and how they are implemented and monitored in different industries.