Corrosion is the deterioration of a material, especially a metal when it interacts with its environment. It is a global challenge with an estimated annual cost of $3 trillion USD. Microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) also referred to as biocorrosion includes a variety of processes by which micro-organisms contribute to corrosion directly or indirectly. It is a serious challenge in many industrial systems including the drinking water distribution system, the cooling water systems, the sewage treatment facilities, the underground pipes and ships, the piping and tanks of maritime vessels, the nuclear power facilities, and especially in the oil and gas industry in its production, refining, and transportation operations.

This 3-day focussed workshop is intended to guide and equip the participants with the basic knowledge of MIC leading to site application of learnings and mitigation assurance. Specifically, participants will be trained on the causes of MIC, its recognition and monitoring, the laboratory and field-testing techniques of MIC, and the available mitigation strategies. There shall be a practical demonstration of the detection and control of MIC using different available strategies. Upon the completion of this MIC short course and workshop, participants will be able to identify microbiologically influenced  corrosion and apply the appropriate strategy to mitigate MIC.